“The best-laid plans, one’s most fastidious contingency strategies have revealed themselves in the cold light of day to be laughably inadequate, no match for the happenstance that seems of late only to promise death, mayhem, poverty, flood. And here you are, having spent all that time protecting your home from the oncoming elements only to find that it has been shored up with crackers.”
― David Rakoff, Half Empty

Manna is on the way….

You ask me to be happy
when the cup is half-empty.
And nothing rhymes with empty.

At least if the cup is half-full,
you can rhyme it with the word

I am no Pollyanna
and the shit has hit the fanna
many many times.

I am waiting on the manna
before saying a hosanna.
Praise the Lord.
Put up the sword.

Vicki Woodyard

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