Life is an ongoing conversation with the eternal, God speaking to Himself in all of us. Most of the time we do the talking and make Him listen. “So, God, I want my book to sell a lot of copies.” And God is silent. So I continue talking, but to myself. “You aren’t very good at self-promotion. What is WRONG with you!”

God is smiling through the leaves of the trees and feeding me peach oatmeal that I simply adore. Some religions feed idols but here in America we mostly feed ourselves and way too much, at that. This is just instant oatmeal but it tastes like daily manna.

Sometimes I ask God way too many questions and in a peevish tone. No wonder He ignores me, letting my house get so quiet I hear the squirrel feasting on a cedar board near the chimney. I yell at this squirrel, one of God’s crazier creatures. “Go away. Go AWAY!” For his cedar breakfast will cost me several hundred dollars worth of new boards and the price of a handyman to install and paint them. God is clearly aware of the deal He has made with us. We are on our own to settle matters like these.

While I am in a reflective vein, it seems to me that all of those images of the Virgin Mary that people discover in pancakes, dusty windshields, etc. are simply God making Selfies in a most creative way. He keeps His Original Face for private viewing only. As I type, the “l” on my keyboard is sticking. It’s always somethin’….”

Friction is inevitable when we live with an inscrutable God. “Where are you when I need You?” I am apt to ask him querulously. “Why is my “l” sticking? Why do we have to get older and yet strangely childlike?” I type “chidlike” as I manage to get one “l” to work.

Surrender is the only viable option. I must either get a new keyboard, fix the old one or learn to type without “l’s.” I think I will get a new keyboard. Surrender has never been a strong point with me.

But back to my new book, Bigger Than The Sky. I have cut it loose because frankly, that is the only option open. A dear friend advised me to do this, but I was not quite ready. I clung on to the flotsam and jetsam of my hopes and dreams. God has other plans for me. (I type other “pans.”) Yeah, God, I’m ready for the good stuff to go down. Holla! Oh, and Selah….


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