October’s Bright Blue Weather

This morning I got a haircut (not a good one) and after lunch went to Macy’s. I got a new watch, something I had not done in many, many years and also a new handbag. I notice that I tend to buy the same color and style again and again. Who, me, conservative? I also ordered a robe in a medium and it will be sent to my house. It is a nice creamy blue and white.

Rob has had an awful cold and luckily I didn’t catch it. The dryer is running and the golden leaves are falling in the backyard. We have leftovers for tonight and I plan on taking a leisurely stroll when it gets cooler.

I am very happy with the reviews on Bigger Than The Sky so far. I was interested to see what people thought of it. I find that most people feel the same way about it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I sense that it gives people a feeling of gratitude for their own daily lives.

So many of us have been trying to follow a spiritual model that broke down a long time ago. Peter would have none of that. Since it was he who broke down, the model breakdown was inevitable. I had quickly seen that my spiritual progress was yanked right out from under me by my husband’s extended illness. So Peter and I hooked up at a cosmically perfect time.

We had nothing to do but be together in a peaceful way. How brilliant he was and how humble. I have read Bigger Than The Sky again and again and each reading brings a smile.


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  1. bad haircuts, shopping at macys, watches, handbags, colds, robes (what? no slippers?!) and leftovers for dinner. lifestyles of the rich and famous.


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