A Golden Boy

Let us all turn to the page “Why Did This Happen?” in our hymnals….

We are all mourning the loss of Robin Williams. We are not mourning his celebrity but his genuine humanity. Like Princess Diana did, his death opened everyone’s heart chakra a bit wider. These things are destined, the machine of the ego being unable to stop them from happening. To all those who say it will bring attention to the matter of suicide, I say that has been done before. Education has not been able to put a stop to it. I prefer it bring attention to the fact that everyone has an inner battle between darkness and light. They are bigger than the ego. The best and the brightest succumb.

Why did his death move us so deeply? I have been reading what different celebrities had to say. Also what his neighbors and friends said. The commonality is his humility and heart. We all knew he was one of the good guys. How do we know that? Because we are weeping his loss.

Because we feel for his children and the legacy of sorrow they now have to bear. Because he stood with Superman, Christopher Reeve, when he was paralyzed. Because he was a golden boy with a thousand toy soldiers. Because he stood in line with Jerry Katz at The Improv and Jerry saved his name on a piece of paper….he was as human as the next guy and as mortal as they come. We will not see his likes again. I am sure grace rained down on him as he was called on stage “up there somewhere….”

Robin Williams

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