The Heart Speaks

I went to Tai Chi today. We had such a good lunch waiting for us on the counter in the Cafe at Cancer Wellness. Chicken, salad lush with blackberries, a spicy noodle dish, salad with watermelon in it, cookies, teas. Yum.

Then we did an hour or so of Tai Chi, all of us happy to be in the room again. What makes this place work is the intention of everyone participating. They just want to be healed and happy. And so it is.

At home I ate a piece of pizza left over from yesterday. Divine! Took a walk and worked a crossword puzzle.

At this moment there is nothing to do but type this group of words and say “fini.”

I have learned that when people are cooperating in happiness, the intellect has no place to go.

The heart speaks on a vibrational level. You might say it purrs.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. We are indeed, beings of vibration. Intention, yes! My heart is full when I read about your Tai Chi days. Blessings…


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