The Void

I have left Facebook in order to experience the void. I can always return to Facebook, but it won’t be on the same addictive basis. There is life beyond Facebook. And I find it is clearer and truer.

Since I posted daily notes, often more than one, I was constantly checking comments and that is where FB becomes addictive. Soon the mind has taken over the heart and it is racing to consume more, more, more. And my heart wants less, less, less.

I have read enough quotes to last a lifetime. Laughed at enough jokes. Responded to enough notes written by other people. I am the other people, after all.

So here I am on my blog, which requires a simple mouse click from FB to access. But I own this piece of the playground and not FB. It makes a difference somehow. I don’t have to put up with people that make no sense. If someone comments, I don’t have to reply immediately.

Most of you know me and my work intimately at this point. So here is how Vicki is doing. She is calmer and more aware of real life. No big revelation here, just another way of being online.


Comments welcomed....