Empty, Empty, Empty, Full….

Destiny is the mysterious life we so fear to embrace. God has planted doubt seeds in us along with the faith seeds. We are rocked in the cradle of the opposites, reared in the house of conflict and schooled in the intellectual army against the heart.

For society is a heart-robber and a head-endorser. How can it be otherwise?

The masses cater to the masses and the poor individual is left with only clear seeing.

This clear seeing is known and feared by the mind. So it sets up roadblocks to home.

But here is where destiny comes in.

Destiny is no more than the doorway to the heart.





Those words came to me as I lay in bed this morning. I am full after years of emptiness.

The mind will always do its number on me, but the heart is hearing sweeter music.

All I have to do is remember that my destiny is love.

This love will shatter the mirrors of the mind, leaving space for me to dance.

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