Human beings focus on nature, scenery and all that. But the backdrop is just a backdrop for the human story. The story that begins with us thinking we are human and ends with us, if we are lucky—realizing that we are God Himself playing all roles. That’s when it all get tricky. Who can we blame when it’s all God? The Devil is just God gone unconscious. Judas had an intricate role to play. It is said that he pulled it off very well under the circumstances.

I tell my human story over and over, to the dismay of some. They don’t understand why I would tell such a sob story again and again, expecting people to keep reading. But it’s not just my story, it’s God’s story. I began, thinking I was human; and as it turns out, I am just God playing me. That takes the sting out of it. But I often get so lost in the lines that I forget Who is directing the play.

God sends us down here with an intricate script to read. He knows it is all predestined, but we don’t. So we really cry when a child dies or a beloved grandparent is taken from the family. When a soldier dies in combat or a tsunami strikes. We believe that wars are fought and that peace will come one day. God knows better than to believe in us as us, though.

I was watching something on TV tonight about a photographer who worked with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. They liked having him around because he was unobtrusive. He took the shots as if from within; that was the magic that he worked. His subjects forgot he was in the room. And that is how he got his best shots. I think God is like that. He is so unobtrusive as to make us forget that He is calling the shots. We think it is us and we tremble in fear or gloat in triumph. But is really Him. We are just actors in His Divine Play. When the curtain rings down, He is the one standing center stage.

This is such a rambling rose of an essay that I almost forgot Who was writing it…..

Vicki Woodyard
Author, Life With A Hole In It

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