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  1. Psalms are great prayers. They are means to good ends.They are ends. Psalm 15 fortifies the path. P. 16 is mission statement. P.19 frees from hidden sins. P.22 gives new life. Psalm 25 shows the path. Psalm 44 brings luck in good action. Psalm 51 enlightens. The way of the Psalms is a steady growth from experience to innocence. P.32 founds the ground of innocence. Psalm 131 is innocence itself. One may start the day with P.121. Or any pleasant one. A combination of psalms 121,15,16,19,22,25,44,51,131 can work well. Or opt any positive combination. For psalms containing negative content are seen troublesome for some. Observance of Ten Commandments is must. Sabbath essential. The results mentioned are bare minimum. They vary and enlarge. These are holy grounds. Let this writer be sparse in his words. Let you be fine.


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