The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot

There is an inner sweet spot to discover. It’s that place where you feel safe, energized and creative. For me, it is when I sit down to write. Once I am there, I can launch into waters as deep as I like. The creative high dive into the unknown happens.

Alchemy happens when we get that spring from our inner diving board. When we release the past as we uncurl from the tightly wound body and jack knife into the waters of freedom.

And then the magic happens as we stroke our way through the waters. The waters part and yet we are making effort for this to happen. We are not passive! We are doing our thing.

Here I discover a magic underwater cave. Inside are gleaming jewels, each one a facet of myself from another lifetime. Was I really this or that? Was I that beautiful, that rare?

Oh, now I am weeping as I look into the mirror of the sea. The dolphins know me, cry out to me. The coral is singing. There are anthems upon anthems. I am the audience of an aquiline choir.

At the bottom of the sea, I experience the dark night of the soul. Sudden black silence. Agony. Withdrawal. Confusion. Betrayal. Powerlessness.

I must fight my way to the top. The bends hit.

I may die in the ascension process.

No one will claim my body.

It wasn’t worth it, I think. Nothing is worth it.

And then I am pulled into a boat.

Back at the keyboard reality hits.

Me in my old black robe and my bright red slippers.

I must find this sweet spot again and again.

Do you know the way?

Vicki Woodyard
Life With A Hole In It

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  1. Vicki Woodyard deserves appreciation. Her writings have that solid strength rarely seen in a woman. After every set back she evolves her identity and rests most gracefully. She has many good lessons to offer. This site happens to be one of the few ones that comes to me unbidding. It has vigour, charm and honesty. So it is a great sight. My sincere wishes to Ms.Woodyard in her path to perfection.


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