The Voice, November 6, 2012

“Your life is very bitter only that you may come to know the truly sweet.” So the Voice went on and I, listening. At least I knew where the Voice was coming from—inside. It was the part of me that would eventually prevail. Meanwhile all I need do is listen.

“When your body has a bad day, know that your true life can be so peaceful as to comfort it. You know, let it breathe and rest and repair itself. For it is unknowing of how you love it unless you show it.”

“So I am more than the body? As yet, I have not been able to part company with it.”

“You leave it on the bed when you go on your night’s journeys. There it stays until you rejoin it.”

“Are some of my dreams real?”

“Dreams are where you go to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Life, love, death, grief are but a jigsaw of the Absolute.”

“When will I be able to leave my body consciously?”

“You already are; for the body is comprised of thought. Think yourself out of it and you are.”

And the Voice fell silent.

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