Hi Friends,

I have been invited to record some chapters of A Guru in the Guest Room. Jessica Durivage, of Wheresmyguru.com had me on her show recently and she is being generous enough to let me do more online radio. I look forward to it.

I am excited about it. I did quite a lot of MP3s until my trusty Olympus Recorder software broke and I stopped making them. Now it is time for me to make use of my throat chakra again. There is something about speaking that is very healing for me. It is an alternate way for me to deliver my message.

I just ordered a Yeti mic and if anyone is moved to make a donation to the website to help fund it, that would be great. Maybe if you hear me read A Guru in the Guest Room, you will find yourself smiling. That would be my hope….

Love, Vicki


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