Donation Drive

Dear Readers,

This is Summer Donation Drive Time. If you read here regularly or even occasionally, there are a few things I need to get out on the table. I write for free, because it is my calling. However, there are expenses involved with maintaining a website and in publishing my two books.

There is a way that you can help! Make a donation by hitting the PayPal button or emailing me if you prefer to write a check.

Buy either or both of my books. I prefer that you order A Guru in the Guest Room here. It is also available on amazon in paperback or Kindle.

My first book, Life With A Hole In It is available on amazon as well.

I love you all for being here, but I also need your financial support to keep the site alive and  “alove.” If you are moved by what I have to say, please let me know by donating a small amount.

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