Monday, Monday

I am going to handle my posts in a different manner for a bit. As some of you know by now, I left my old site and transferred over to I still have the WordPress software.

I have been highly active on Facebook, writing almost 1000 Notes over a period of several years. When A Guru in the Guest Room came out, I had hoped that my Facebook Friends would support it and be eager to buy it. A few people have, but for the most part, Facebook has not helped me to market my writing at all.

Now why would a spiritual writer be concerned with marketing? Ask Eckhart Tolle! Of course, he is a bit hard to communicate with, having such massive hits on his hands. I hope I am making the point that all writers have to make some money on their books to cover publication costs. He just happened to write a world-changing book.

But Swami Z can rock your world as well! If you are reading this blog, just know that I am a bit discouraged about the lack of orders I have received. Not nearly enough to offset my costs to have the book edited and published.

Here is your chance to support my website, including this blog, and to encourage my writing other books. Writers and teachers need people who believe in them and in what they are doing. I am here at the Mac 7 days a week offering new material all the time.

There are 3 ways you can help. You can order Life With A Hole In It, A Guru in the Guest Room (or both!).

You can also make a small donation to this website. With a $5 minimum donation I will mail you a pdf of either book.

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