Reviews Like This Keep Me Going

“It was by accident that I came across the site of Ms.Vicki Woodyard—a sort of serendipity. I was looking for what the nondual thinkers of our time are telling about this subject. Suddenly I jumped into her site- “Nonduality Now.” It was designed clean and orderly. The pages gave the glimpse of a lady, dealing with the paradoxes of life, the tragedies, the loss of her beloved daughter and the husband of a lifetime.

It was a different form of nonduality and her writing had an air of sublime sorrow that pervaded the pages, and finally it went back to where it should be—the Source. She included much fiction, fancies and lore that were alien to me. Her style was seductive and the diction profound and I had to go back to my little Oxford often to know what she meant. To my dismay, my little Oxford did not contain many of her words and puns. I thought, Lord am I with another Shakespeare, still elusive—I posted some comments in her site and alas! they were viewed all over the world. The accessibility of her site amazed me, and by experience, I had known that accessibility of the soul is the true mark of genius. If I am not with Shakespeare, I am surely with somebody who is real.”



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