It is impossible to miss out on your destiny. Every thing else can safely be “missed out.”

The only logical conclusion to come to is that logic has no place in destiny; therefore, you can trust the illogical, unexplainable and unendurable. Love is behind it all.

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  1. He was destined to live and then marry to her.She too.They had similarities.But mostly dissimilarities.He fought with the unpalatable in her.She fought with the unpalatable in him.Nobody succeeded.Only destiny succeeded and had a final laugh at both.One day he prayed. And saw the door. He started to serve her.She imitated.She started to serve him too. Finally destiny was away from the scene. By serving each other they were becoming destiny.They knew there is no destiny.Only the Law is operating as destiny.The one nearest to you is your destiny. Destiny needs appreciation.


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