Ask Ramana

Synchronicity reigns (rains). I was listening to an online radio show, Conversations with Avant-Garde Sages, and the interviewee was talking about Ramana Maharshi. So the phone rings and it is a woman who read my book, Life with a Hole in It, last December. She wanted to tell me about a synchronicity. When she opened my book, it fell open to an essay in which I mention Ramana and she loves him and keeps his picture in her kitchen. She felt that was a huge synchronicity.

I told her that I didn’t want to answer the phone when she called because I was listening to the interview in which Ramana Marharshi was mentioned. That is like synchronicity cubed!

Also, this woman mentions she is a chanter. Small world. I told her about meeting David Newman (Durga Das) and how lovely that was. I’ve played his new CD, Stars, twice. I feel that grace is all around me.

Could it be that grace has been there all along? Ask Ramana!

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