One Little Wise Man

I am knee-deep in editing A Guru In The Guest Room. Oh, I know. I have said that more than once. The perfectionist in me is at war with my aching shoulders and furrowed brow. This may not be the week to give up Facebook and chocolate. I feel like the character in Airplane. You see, I turned in what I thought was the final version. No, I just thought it was. Suddenly error was not just a word in the dictionary. It is my middle name. Oy.

I have some beef in the crockpot and a crick in my neck. One day I will “have written.” Right now I am editing and there is a whale of a difference. I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Now I have way too many windows open on my desktop and my mental fan is blowing papers all over the place.

This note makes no sense. Neither does my manuscript. Swami Z has taken a powder. Of course he would. He is one little wise man.

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