Bernard Guy’s review of Vicki Woodyard’s LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT: That’s How The Light Gets In.

“I’ve read quite a bit in this lifetime. Books of all kinds. Yet I never came across one that weaves things the way Vicki Woodyard’s “Life With A Hole In It” does.

It’s no small feat. It integrates seamlessly a profound humanity, a true spirituality and a penetrating and delightful humor, written in a unique creative style. There’s no splitting the one reality here into good and bad, right and wrong, sacred and mundane and such. The whole of human life is taken in its stride —its flowers and thorns, its days and nights, its strengths and frailties, its crucifixions and resurrections.

Vicki Woodyard knows them well. When it rains, it pours? As it goes. God is generosity. So it pelted down on her hard enough. The beauty is how she was given to turn what she went through into food for the soul, into pathways to the Kingdom. Oysters turn into pearls, coal into diamonds, lead into gold. She shares with us her journey with a broken-open moving sincerity, with insightful intelligence and gracefulness. And humility —not the false kind, but the kind that makes one stronger, the more one’s giving in to human vulnerability.

“Life With A Hole In It – That’s How The Light Gets In.” Picture for a moment all things as windows, each thing as a hole —a Holy Hole— through which an inexhaustible mystery pierces and peers through. Vicki Woodyard is one of them. That’s how the light gets in. This book is a fine wine of a read for all lovers of life and truth.

Thank you, Vicki”

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