A Great Year

This has been a great year online for me. My readership has grown as I have added new Friends on Facebook. Do me a favor and subscribe to my Notes there. Think about ordering LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT. Know that an independent spiritual writer needs love and support to keep going in a world where commercialism runs rampant. If you can make a Christmas donation, please do!

If my notes have made a difference to you, consider buying the book if you haven’t yet done so. I don’t do this on my own and each of your comments adds richness to the pot. We are making tasty soup together. Oh, sure, tears fall in and may raise our sodium content but the heart is softened along the way.

A lot of us have learned that the script can be taken to a higher level. That is the challenge and the law. Grace arrives unexpectedly. The star rises in the east (inside of us) and awareness is born.

LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT is on amazon.com or on booklocker.com in paperback OR ebook.

Thank you for your presence in my life.

Vicki Woodyard

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