The Small

I am at a point in my life where I pay attention to the small. I start my day quietly. I sit in silence and then have breakfast. In a hot sudsy tub of water I luxuriate consciously. I read the morning paper, make the bed and get dressed. Silence follows me from room to room. I used to have a beloved dog, but silence is even better.

I want to live each day of fall. I want to look out the window as I type and see leaves drifting to the ground. I can let my thoughts fall off the trees of my parched summer heart and look forward to going within as the days get shorter and the nights cooler.

Lighting a scented candle each evening brings me pleasure, as does coffee and chocolate. Someone said that life consists of continuous small treats. I used to feed my dog cookies after every trip in and out of the house. Now I give myself cookies, tea, nuts, whatever….

Truth spins the prayer wheel for me all day long. I have not taken a real vacation in over three years. I am on vacation every day. My bedroom is like one you might find in an inn. I have a fireplace and sliding glass doors that look out onto tall poplars. I rest after lunch and fall into bed at night grateful for such a simple yet inviting room.

Notice that I have not said a word about other people in this note.

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