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Matthew K of NondualityUSA had a good Tweet about detoxing from Facebook. What a lovely idea, all of you addlepated addicts of comments whizzing around like bumblebees. We are cross-pollinating each other like crazy just to get a buzzzzz.

I must admit to being an addlepated addict. I write copious notes that gush out of the broken rock of my life. How can water gush from a rock? Let me count the ways. In the form of notes, oneliners, personal admissions, impersonal wisdom, jokes, et al.

Some of us AAs need to attend meetings, but they haven’t been formed yet. That’s a good group waiting to be formed. Addlepated Addicts. Sniffing lines of comments like they were going out of style.

I am still a user so I can’t condemn the AA’s that I know. I don’t like doing the hard stuff, which I call Open Forum Abuse. There, people gather in clots and ream each other out because they “know better.” As far as I know, no one has become enlightened from a Facebook note or if they are, they are too embarrassed to admit it. The Hard Core abusers like to think they are the king and queen pins of us all, just waiting to one-up us into awakening. Awakening against our will, as it were.

Man, have I veered off-topic. Gone down a side-road, a cul de sac of commenting.
Mea culpa, mea culpa, I have sinned against those that know more than I do.
Am I contrite. Not quite.

See ya around, fellow AA’s.

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  1. Vicki, a funny thing happened to you on the way back from the forum, but feareth not; that’s why I tend to be a looky-louish, non participant, dealing in non-controversial tripe, it’s so much safer that way 🙂 — a “fellow” addict ( enjoyed reading your blog )


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