The Travail of the Soul

Someone who has lost a child just read LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT: That’s How The Light Gets In. Many of you have read it. Although it is a small book, it is powerful. It is confessional in nature and reveals the travail of my soul as my husband died. And our little daughter had preceded him in death when she was seven. I do not take life lightly and yet I am also a humorist.

Laughter winds through the trail of tears in the book. My mother used to say that we all have our grace notes in life and one of mine has been laughter. Others have been a loving husband and the desire to awaken from the dream of separation. It has been almost seven years since he died and I have an increasing sense that he is always with me. Love cannot be anything but everlasting.

I know every word in LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT and I know how the light gets in. We are all the same; struggling to overcome a sense of separateness and not being able to control ourselves as we would like. We project that onto the world and try to control it. Alienation sets in as we try to part the waters of the ocean of the all. The path is about seeing this. To see is to be free.

I am so grateful to each person who buys a copy and finds that it is a confessional for them as well. For who is not afraid of losing a loved one and having to go on alone? Who does not fail many tests as they struggle to let their light shine? Who is not in need of self-honesty?

I have said this before, but I get a real sense that the child inside of me has always been the strongest part. My job now is to surround her with peace and light. As she surrenders to the healing process, my soul gains the ascendancy. I hope you felt that the book ended with grace and hope, for the journey was a universal one indeed. A primer for those who have yet to face the death of a loved one. Or the loss of illusion. It is, as some wise one said, “a gift to those who can take it.”

It can be ordered at or I will sign and mail you a copy from my home. It is difficult to get the word out about a book of this nature. Those of you who have read it, keep spreading the word. And if you haven’t ordered your copy yet, please know that I am grateful if you do. The link to purchase it is to the right!

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