The Queen of Non-do-ality

“I don’t do anything but I do it well.” ~Vicki Woodyard

I posted the above comment on my Facebook page last night. Tony Cartledge said, “You are the Queen of No-do-ality.”

I do what I don’t do well, you might say.

Nonduality is a word that defies true description, as Jerry Katz will tell you. Concepts of nondoership are discussed by advaitans and others. Many teachers confirm us in our nonexistence. But I am The Queen of Non-do-ality!

I am a being that witnesses doing through the clean pane of awareness. That way, pain becomes the clear pane through which the Self can see.

I love wordplay, love to horse around with Ruin, the stick pony, and his ridiculous rider, Larry. They will soon appear in book form. If you listen to anyone but Ruin, they might steer you wrong. Sometimes Larry steers Ruin into a stream of traffic and then it is I wince.

I don’t do; therefore I am not what I think I am. Descartes is turning over in his grave.

Nondoership is on no cruise line. It is an empty boat on a shoreless ocean.

I write about my personal life, which is nothing special. It vanishes into the night with the sunset and rises when the body does. I don’t do anything, not even windows. But everything happens in the only way it can, including this essay.

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