Vicki Woodyard Interview on Conversations With Avant-Garde Sages

I did my first live radio interview with Trip Overholt and John Troy, aka The Wizard, on Conversations with Avant-Garde Sages. I worried about how it would go and just listened to it a few minutes ago. It was a strange experience to hear myself “holding forth.” But thanks to Trip’s preparation and John’s astonishing good will, I confess that I learned some things myself from listening to Vicki Woodyard 🙂

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It is an hour, but you can listen at your own pace.

I am waiting to hear your feedback on it. Were you happy to hear me live? I hope it conveys the joy I feel in the journey, which has been a hard one. Thanks so much to John and Trip for allowing me to present my work on their show. Thanks, guys.

Listener Comments:

Great interview, Vicki-I enjoyed it!~ J.M.

‎”No scam, no sham.” That about sums you up, Vicki. That is why your message is so pure and strong. This was wonderful, and your lovely southern drawl somehow says, “take time to digest all this.” I will.
~ T.C.

‎”My wholeness cannot be broken..” I love that. So many messages in there just speaking to me today. You should speak more in person; Your voice is so calming and reassuring. Reminds one to reach within and yank out their own strengths.” ~ R.M.

“The interview runs for an hour, and offers a beautiful opportunity to get to know Vicki close-up as she speaks about her teacher Vernon Howard, shares stories about her spiritual journey and expresses her no-frills clarity. I love Vicki’s writing and hearing her soft Southern drawl added a whole new dimension to her words for me. When she says, “My wholeness cannot be broken,” you are somehow delivered to that same unbreakable wholeness within yourself. Such is the power of a true sage. As Vicki says, ‘Awakening is but a dream until you sink into the heart.’ ” ~Miriam Luisa Simon


  1. I don’t know where to begin…this is a woman who i am blown away by…Wisdom…Humor….Light….Compassion…..and whatever other adjectives i can come up with…only touch the surface of this amazing being!

    Thank you Vicki….i will be coming back to this blog again and again.


  2. Thanks for sharing your strength, humor and compassion. Thank you for the time you placed me in the “Still point” when I needed it the most. Love listening to your insights in your lovely Southern voice. You are an Angel.


  3. Ruth, you have your own still point, but it never hurts to hold someone there when
    thoughts are causing suffering. Keep up the good work, and thank you for reaffirming mine. Love….


  4. Dear Vicky,
    Wonderful to revisit you and witness your growth, how you have self actualized out of the fullness of your courage to Be. As for me I’ve been cancer free for what will be 3 years in march. You blew me away with an observation you revealed to me in our e-mail communication near the end of my chemo treatment, you wrote ” I did’nt know you were so impulsive”. That’s something never said to me so directly, but from you it hit me so squarely I felt completely uncovered. So I ran away and hid, ashamed and found out and forceed to admit this character defect I’ve ignored all my life. Anyway after marinading in my own self loathing I resolved to tread deeper on the path.
    Now excepting myself I again I’m inspired by you and congradulate you. your writings are uniquely supportive and I’m going to order your book . Gratefuly Yours


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