Free Will

It’s a good thing I don’t have free will. My life is messed up enough as it is.

Some people love to tell you how we all have free will. Everything has already happened on the causal plane. We look through slits in time to see only the Now, but the past and future are as complete as the Now. Presbyterians call it predestination.  Some eastern beliefs are similar. I have had enough  precognitive dreams to confirm that we have no free will except to choose our attitudes and emotions towards what happens. Edgar Cayce wrote a book on this subject.

Dr. Raynor C. Johnson, who wrote The Spiritual Path, said that we have about as much free will as a violin has in its case. Everything has been designed in the best interests of the souls involved. Once we understand this deeply, we have made a giant leap into the Self that we all are.

Please don’t argue about this brief essay. I didn’t write it to argue. I wrote it because it is the truth. It makes me feel good that my life is going according to plan, even if it seems totally flawed. Something in me knows that angels are around me, going before me, following behind me and guiding me through the valley of the shadow.

Today is Friday, TGIF. Maybe I should add TGIP. Thank God it’s predestined.  Otherwise, life would be run by a committee and we all know how that turns out.

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