My Life and Truth Are One and the Same

My life and truth are one and the same. I know this unequivocally by being it. I must not think about it, but be it. The time for thought has an expiration date; once you reach it, you cannot go back except at your own peril.

Teachers have shown you the route to truth, to the Self that you are, to the Self that we all are. They have led you to look deeply into thought and how it deceives you. And at some point the teachers disappeared back into the ground of being from which they arose. Fair enough.

Every day is Groundhog Day until it isn’t. Bill Murray was playing a role until he wasn’t. Until he decided to take up his crossness and bear it until he became a different kind of being.  We watch this movie again and again because it calls us to the timeless moment. We delight to see the insurance salesman meet up with the main character and irritate the heck out of him again and again. Until Bill’s character begins to accept the moment for what it is— his chance to change. And then the insurance salesman is no longer an irritant. That is our work.

Life and truth are one. But until we want to see it, we will continue to see everything that threatens our egos as an irritant. Life will be one big burr under your saddle. It’s February. Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day have come and gone. Soon George Washington will chop the cherry tree down again and refuse to lie about it. Hmmm? Food for thought. Pie a la mode with a cherry on top.

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