The Holiday Hush

The holiday hush is upon us online. Outwardly we are frantically over-programmed at this time of year. At least most are; I am one of the few that relishes a quiet mind during this frenetic period. I had time to make some chicken, squash and salad for dinner and write for a bit. What I wrote about was waiting.

Waiting on what we really want is worthwhile; and we don’t have to know what it is. I know what I don’t want; whatever makes my pulse race or insomnia take over. I’ve had enough of that. Much better to sit alone and watch the winter rain create a miasma right outside the door.

So those who are usually online are out shopping or sitting on the couch poring over their lists and menus. My aloneness is compounded this time of year; but so is my interest in the inner world. The outer world has worn itself out for me; it has little to offer except as a mirror.

I don’t know how my little book is selling. I ran into a neighbor at the grocery who had bought a copy. She said she and her husband took turns reading it out loud while they drove home from a trip. “Did it make you laugh?” I asked her. “Both,” she said. “Both.” Life is like that, inevitably. For me there have been more tears than laughter but I know how to make others laugh. I love doing that.

The Winter Donation Drive has garnered two donations. I am hoping for a wee bit more. If you value your time spent here with me, chip in a few bucks to help me spread the word. As Solomon Burke sings in the old song says, “None of us are free. If one of us is chained, none of us are free.” Amen.  The Donate Button is to your right. Noel, noel and all that good stuff.

Love, Vicki

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