O Holey Knight

Swami Z is holding midnight satsang every night until Christmas.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Larry and Ruin,  Rose and Jim and I make the trip to the satsang room bearing gifts for the baby Jesus, which is being played by Rose’s purse.  It was the only thing that proved to be exactly the right size to fit into the impromptu creche that Swami built.  “It is an irony,” he proclaimed, “that something no bigger than a breadbox should BE a breadbox–and an acceptable baby Jesus.  We beheld the pocketbook in dutiful awe, not wanting to acknowledge the emperor had no clothes, so to speak.  We knew a dirty little secret.  There was a tuna fish sandwich in the baby Jesus.

And there was the wondrous sight of Swami himself, bedecked in bathrobe and cookie crumbs, proclaiming that all souls are one, including Larry’s.  I was hoping against hope that Larry would come down with the flu or something, but no such luck.  He is a part of the living nativity.  He is Mary…so the mullet finally paid off.

Rose and Jim are the two wisepersons…short one member but politically correct.  After all, this is not a perfect world.  I, thankfully, do not have to take part in the Living Nativity because I am the director.  I am expecting a call from Spielberg or at least Stephen Colbert, because who knew Christmas could be so edgy.  I am reminiscent of Penny Marshall with a megaphone as I holler at Ruin to hang in there.

Ruin, you see, is the star.  I have hung him from the pot rack at just the right angle and I patiently point a flashlight at him the whole time.  He could just as well be Rudolph because Larry fed him cherry pie in hopes that the comparison would be noted.  In that case, we are both a holy and a secular celebration.

What does this have to do with anything?  Everything, if you ask me.  My little ragtag crew wishes you Happy Holidays.  I promise not to keep Swami stuck in the iMac for so long as last time.  He is too good to keep to myself.

He will pay us a visit on Christmas Eve, so be sure to stop by.

Love, Vicki


  1. Thanks to the enlightenment dudes I discovered your wonderful little book. I read it in just a few hours. Had me crying like a baby by page 9! ….It is the most life affirming book about death I have ever read. I’ve worked as a Hospice nurse and, believe me I’ve read a shit load of books on the subject. Although if it’s catagory is meant to be about living the awakened life / enlightenment etc. well then, it is still gonna be one of my favorites. (It doesn’t really matter does it?)
    By the way, I got off track…the blog for Dec. 14th is priceless!
    Love., Seline


  2. Ah, Seline, you made my day. You really did. I sent you an email just now so won’t repeat myself here. Dancing around my Mac as I eat homemade fudge. Okay, I already ate the fudge and I’m sitting here typing, but close enough. T’is the season to pudge from fudge. First the pudge then the purge. If you like Swami, I will be posting another piece about him before Christmas.



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