For Sherry, For Speaking Her Truth

Someone who has also suffered severe losses says that shame accompanies the losses. Because society is into deep denial about grief. It wants to us quickly achieve a new normal and shut up about our feelings. I don’t discuss loss with my friends; I save it for my writing. Here I can open my heart to what is true for me. I have loved and lost and will not ever see those dear lost ones again. Why shouldn’t I grieve them?

The holidays in our culture are ninety-nine percent commercially driven. It is not a matter of realization of what the Christ-consciousness is. For me, the Christ-consciousness was never closer to me than when I was in deep grief. The compassion of God is all-consuming. He bends down to those of us who cry to him. And often He gives us something to do. In my case, you are reading it.

In case you wonder, I also have a good life, albeit a quiet one. I devote myself to truth, to being kind to myself and simplifying my life. I say no a good deal when something isn’t right for me. A holy no that leads to a holy yes.  So don’t feel sorry for me. I do that enough myself. Then I cry and feel better and write some more. And crack wise and say outrageous things that lead me to know one thing. I am actually enough to bridge the gap between yesterday and tomorrow. I am the Self in all its glory, bending down and rising up again and again.

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