A Certain Headiness

This week was my birthday and Thanksgiving. Not being a lover of holidays, the stress level automatically rises. But there is a certain headiness in being free of family obligations. It has not always been that way, for I have served my time of putting up with the exhaustion of cooking dinner while the male contingency looked on. I was always aware that the female bore the brunt of all holidays.

So my son and I eat out on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. We are quiet souls who actually don’t mind being non-celebratory. Being inner driven is a grace not given to everyone. Even so, I allow twinges of self-pity to sneak in and rob me of awareness. My writing keeps me honest and not being tied down with relatives allows me to focus on the absolute. I have great compassion for those suffering illnesses and bereavements during the holidays for I have been there more than once.

This is my time and my season to celebrate the Self. That which is not dependent on ritual, obligation or commerce. I turn within and see the simplicity of being whole. It takes no lofty point of view to do this. It has been wrenched out of me, this particular brand of introspection. I have paid the price and now offer advice to all of those of you alone at this time. Perhaps it means you are ready to take yourself on, the self that has robbed you of peace and silence. Maybe it is time to sit back and let yourself by served by the One within us all.

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