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Today was my late daughter’s birthday. She would have been 43. I can only remember her up to the age of 7 and that still moves me to the core. My son and I are quiet today, understandably so.

Nic Higham is working on my site and today he added a link where you can follow my blog. As some of you know, I am taking a step back from Facebook, at least for now. There is something I need to learn about casting pearls before people too easily. You do that as well. It is one of these pesky human parts of us that do us no real good.

My teacher, Vernon Howard, gave a talk once in which he roared, “You’re pedaling your raft as fast as you can for 12 crackers a day!” And I was feeling that way about Facebook. Plus, a good friend told me, in great kindness, that I was in need of feeding myself first.

So this is where I can let my hair down but to fewer people. I appreciate and will reply to your comments as long as they make sense. Sometimes on Facebook, they don’t.

Life is brought to us courtesy of death, as long as we live on the relative plane of reality. I have had my nose rubbed in that fact again and again. Nothing will change it. And we seek the changeless amid change.

I know some of you personally and you have had your fair share of heartache and loss. It is in that field that we grow the most, spiritually speaking. Being connected with others on the relative plane has diminished our presence on the spiritual one. Such a shame.

My life is small, due to introversion. But on the higher level, it is, as my friend Peter says, as big as the sky. I am working on a book about our conversations. He showed me the shortcut home. Would you like to know what it is? I can’t put it in words, exactly. Just think what is within your line of sight, what is immediately available to you, what is flowing through you from your heart to mine.



  1. Wow, beautiful! Thank you again as always you open my heart and allow it to feel all emotion so very intensely. Bless you and your son on this day and everyday, but especially on this day.


  2. Love reading you writings. They give me strength. I know your reality. My family loss my two brothers in 1983 and 1989. I now have loss all my family. The loss of any family member is so devasting. Now I am in poor health. Your writings make me spiritually strong. Thank you.


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