One More Breath

wim wenders angel
I slipped into etheric space
so I could see my other face.
The one I had before I came
to have a form and have a name.

The mist enshrouded me in time
and I fell into using rhyme.
And I fell into a dance of rhythm
so I could be an angel with them.

My wings took wind and sailed
into the breach and I would learn
before I teach.
So watching little angel faces
I traveled over time and spaces.

What I saw was unbounded fear
at having to be now and here.
What I felt was panic mode
on every human face it showed.

I know not anything for sure
for I am never wholly pure.
The sin of man is etched upon
every brow under the sun.
And we angels know before
we go that down is up
and above below.

Oh, God, pure prayer is
letting go of having things
to do and know.
Of letting Him just raise us up
and with Him we now do sup.
The Last Supper is ongoing, friends.
and ends are beginnings and
beginnings ends.
Time, an illusion, beats the rap
of death.
And we are always given
one more breath.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Thank you for this beautiful note. I just found out my favorite brother is dying and is in ICU. I am praying for a conscious death. I don’t know if you can do such a thing but I’m trying. Love you!


  2. A conscious death is what Christ had. “Jesus died conscious.” I believe that true prayer is asking for a conscious death on every level. And we, of course, can do nothing but wait on God. Blessings for us all at every moment, for we are weak and helpless. To stay weak and helpless brings in the power of the Holy Ghost.


  3. Can I just say I love this one and I feel it’s truth, it’s…..’accuracy’ about life. We are always given one more breath for always….♥


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