Bigger Than The Sky

The other day when I asked Facebook Friends to buy a copy of Bigger Than The Sky, I feel I didn’t thank the ones who stood behind me all the way. Those that stepped right up and ordered a copy. Those that have loved and lost just as I have. Those that tire of phoned-in books written by people that claim enlightenment when there is no discernible proof that they are. I wouldn’t know enlightenment if it bit me in the asp. I just aspire to it like everyone else. I mean, who wouldn’t want to say they are one with everything and therefore capable of teaching others?

But Peter said in no uncertain terms that those claiming enlightenment did him no good at all. And I believed him. Because they had not helped me either. So we exchanged small talk that was life-changing for me. I don’t think it was for him, although a friend of mine who sees spirits said that Peter got as much out of the friendship as I did.

He has been gone a long time but everything he said stands the test of time. The things I write are written on the wind (that term has been used before….) I babble on and on about my inner and outer life as if it mattered. Someone took offense at how I wrote, saying it was all about me. Well, yes, it is. That is the only person I know much about. And I must say I don’t have a good handle on myself at all. I just seem to write about how things are going internally.

I hope to keep writing thousands of more notes. I am well over 2000 already. I think I am getting better just because I keep my hand in. My heart is slow to learn its lessons so I go over the same ground time and time again.

Many of you have to forgive me for being terse, caustic and on the other hand, overly sentimental. Scorpios sting and fly like eagles in the same lifetime. You never know what is going on with them. I do know that I tell it like it is and have a clear idea that what I write is totally personal. I don’t want anyone hanging around that isn’t in my corner, either. So to those of you who are, I love and appreciate you. We have a history together in one way or another. The only thing is that given my age, I tend to forget what it is! Ha ha ha ha ha.


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