Bigger Than the Sky – A Radical Awakening

Dear Reader,

My new book is out on Amazon in several formats, so I hope you will order a copy and let me know how you like it. Below is a bit about it and I will be adding more….

Bigger Than The Sky is a wake-up call. Seemingly about sorrow, the sun keeps breaking through. As you turn the pages, you will meet Vicki and her friend Peter. She, facing her husband’s death, and he having awakened after a series of strokes. He lived in peace and presence, no matter what occurred. Most of the time he sat in the sun with his cats, life itself having become his teacher. Join them as they befriend each other in the midst of change. Peter loved Ramana Maharshi very much and came to embody the same peace. A light-filled book of wisdom that will leave you wanting more.

Love, Vicki

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“Bigger Than The Sky is a refreshing expression of nonduality. Vicki Woodyard speaks to the Knowing in all of us. A delightful and moving book of love and loss, seeking and discovery, pain and surrender.” ~ Jeff Foster


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