The Divine Factory

“You should have full faith in the wisdom of what is happening in the Divine Factory in accordance with the will of Allah. As the reality is hidden from you, you are at a loss to understand the wisdom of what is happening, and sometimes if it appears that things are going against you, you cry out, ‘How and why has this happened’. The fact is that if the curtain be removed from the “unseen”, you would yourselves come to know that what is happening here is for the best. Even if some times it appears that something is going against you, you will see that in the end it also produces some good results for you.” From somewhere online….

I met my friend T for lunch at Ted’s today. Supposed to open at 11, when I arrived at 11:20 it was locked up tight. After several minutes, they opened up with no apology and T arrived soon after. We sat on the bar side, me hoping it would be quieter than on the larger side, but it was unusually noisy.

Our waiter was so inexperienced as to make T comment, “This must be his first day.” Our coffee was tepid but we didn’t complain. He got my order to have the sauce on the side wrong, also. It was totally weird, but we had a good time as always.

We kicked around my big dream about the colored fish and my father’s admonition to throw it back into the sea. T is a dream group leader and skilled at listening to dreams. My voice was raspy; I told her I am not sure if it will come back.

She is going to a dream conference in the mountains on Friday. It was so good to see her; I have been suffering from cabin fever. She enjoys being out among people and I am just the opposite. We talked about the flu. When the check came, she took out her own pen and used it instead of the servers. “That’s a good idea,” I said, and did the same thing.

On the way out, I asked the hostess why they were late opening and she just said the woman that opened the door had a family emergency.

So now I am back home again, jiggety jig. Or maybe I should say “jigglety jig,” after downing a few French fries. I have no idea what I am up to, nor do you. Accidents happen. Chance occurs. Egos are not in charge. At least I don’t think so, but I keep forgetting.

“Shams of Tabriz (Rumi’s teacher) said of Khidr, “Blessed is the one who finds such a servant and who holds the story of Moses and al-Khidr in his heart, and makes it his quide.” Rumi’s son, Sultan Veled was later to add: “His [Rumi’s] al-Khidr was Shams of Tabriz.”~from an online book review.


    1. I flew to Petaluma to meet her. She had the most powerful energy field of anyone I ever met. She was a simple uneducated woman when she had her NDE and was told to teach. I have her dream book.


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