Cardboard Wrangler

Cardboard Wrangler

This morning finds me trying to refold a cotton robe I ordered online. The instructions to return it are clear. I am to ship it back in its original packaging. There is no way I can ever fold that robe like it was folded around the cardboard before it was placed in a sleeve of plastic. Sheesh.

I tried; I really did. But ultimately I just folded it the wrong way and hoped for the best. I am klutzy like that. Ordering things online is so tempting. Things look great in a photo and sometimes live up to their promise, but often they don’t. The UPS Store is a regular drop-off place for me.

I think our bodies are the same way. We just can’t get them back to their original packaging, not at all. My hair is ridiculous, as I have multiple cowlicks. I am getting it cut today and the stylist can make it look good. By the time I have slept on it, the cowlicks do their thing and that’s that.

Personalities only vaguely resemble their essence. That is easy to see when you are working on yourself. You see someone when you are out shopping. They look wonderful, they sound wonderful, while you appear to be on the edge of a complete collapse.

Life is a complicated interchange between reality and imagination and we live it at our own risk. Well, some of us prefer to stay home and just think we are living it. I am quite good at that. Then when I actually venture out, the world can feel foreign and fearsome. I used to think that would change, but I am who I am.

These days I am living more and more where the two seas meet. Where my persona meets my essence. At that place in the drama, things become more and more fluid and I am more apt to absorb life and love more easily.

I have reached the end of any real studying and am now riding the waves of what is actually happening. The words and teachings of Vernon Howard remain true and helpful to me. They always remind me that I am not who I think I am.

Vicki Woodyard


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