A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

January keeps throwin’ punches. Rob has what looks like an eye infection from a sinus issue. My arthritis is making my neck super tight and I keep putting off things requiring concentration. I ordered a new thermal neck wrap that I pop in the microwave. I have worn several out.

I finally figure out my maintenance meds for 2018, toggling between 2 different suppliers until I settle on the main one. I didn’t do that until my neck pain eased off a bit. Then I puttered around in my bedroom and bathroom. That is therapy for me.

This morning I did my usual energy routine, silencing thoughts and becoming aware that there are no ready answers for life. We just think there are. Life is much too big for ready-made solutions.

I pondered the big dream I had about the fish and my father. I may post it again if anyone expresses an interest. I can never figure out its meaning precisely, but I get the occasional hint of what it might mean.

Rising above the opposites is our ultimate assignment here on Planet Earth. Wearing these dense earth suits is painful almost all of the time. There are also emotional constrictions that tighten the noose.

I self-medicate with food, just like everyone else. I try to mete out my treats so I won’t actually gain much weight. I love my new fridge with its freezer on the bottom. Rob wishes I wouldn’t cram it quite so full, but hey….it’s January.

Now that I have rambled around, I have nothing left to do but be. The hardest assignment of all.

Vicki Woodyard

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