Bottoming Out

Bottoming Out

It’s that time of year. You know, when you bottom out. You’ve overeaten and now you have to buckle down to sensible eating. When the the temperature is so low it affects your mood. When your mood is so low it affects those around you.

So I drove to the mall. I looked through racks of tacky stuff at Macy’s. (It was all dreadful.) I went into the Hallmark Shop one last time (It is going out of business.) I tried to spend some credit I had at Lands End, but nothing appealed.

Then I took myself to lunch. Had a burger and fries and coffee. Drove home realizing the funk was not helped by getting out of the house. Later on I made some so-so soup and ladled it into my bowl listlessly.

I put on my gown and robe well before seven because they are warmer than my clothes. It is cold and it is January. Need I say more?

If I had one book I could take down from the shelf and by reading it, I would be cheered up, I would. But books can’t make that happen. So I sit here typing myself into a circle of friends that know just how I feel.

If I could just ease on down the road into February, I would begin to feel better. In the meantime, I am looking fluffy in my comfy robe and who’s to say fluffy is a bad thing….I think I’ll have some hot chocolate.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. January sucks. It always has and it always will. That’s it’s job I think. Finally, having gone through it many times, I have decided to just surrender and keep myself busy. Not with ‘business’ but with some sort of focus, to get me through. It’s raining outside so this one is a challenge. But, I will make it a daily goal to get outside and walk/hike for an hour where the trees can talk to me and keep my spirits up. 🙂 They don’t seem to bottom out, though they are looking pretty scrawny and wintery right now. I will walk my way through it. And, I will cook up lots of soups. And… finish two books I’ve read only half way through. You are not alone (as you know) with January, Vicki. Tootles…


    1. I decided to go for full-on self-loathing. Confronting my naked self in the shower. Confronting my empty mind as I scan the bookcases and see not one thing I want to read. No housework I want to do. Too cold to enjoy getting in the car and driving somewhere. However, I must get myself to the place where I ordered my glasses and get a replacement pair. The hinge broke on this pair. I am unhinged.


  2. I’m still enjoying your blog, Ma – even if not enjoying January. Keep shootin’ from the hip!

    Warm Regards,
    Yer Everluvvin’.


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