Me and Maxine

January casts its frigid pall on everything. I manage to drive to the grocery and do a bit of half-hearted shopping. No one is immune from the period after the holidays. My brother has to have his cat put down this week. I can only imagine how he is feeling.

My voice is still not right even though I am resting it. I can’t seem to settle down to read or do any significant work. Just biding my time until the holiday hangover ends. This year I did not shop or cook and I am still impacted by the melancholia of January.

I hear myself sigh. I watch myself eat peppermint pretzels and drink coffee. I do my Tai Chi faithfully everyday and I tell myself that offsets the rest of my lazy day.

Enlightenment? Is there a recipe for that? Because all of my recipes are in a heap somewhere. I used to hope for it, sweat for it and concentrate on ridding myself of my vices. What a useless task that is!

I write directly from source and that source ain’t revealin’ its Source. I am winking as I type, of course. The secret of enlightenment will not be granted to the ego. If it is, you are fooling yourself big-time. Even those that slap a “ji” on after their names. That is no guarantee of anything. Don’t you love it when I carp about online awakening? I do.

Do yourself a favor. Cut yourself some slack. Let some time go by unaccounted for. Let a UFO pick you up and do weird things to you. Or not. I don’t care what you do.

Just don’t try anything ambitious right now. I am certainly not.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. We had an exciting day. Our stove pipes venting the wood burner went kaput a few days back. Three big guys and one of their sons worked for four hours in freezing weather to replace the pipes. They came inside to chat awhile as we tested out the stove. It was great fun! Cost every cent we had but we are warm. Lack of heat will knock the melancholy right out of you. Cheers, we have a fire started. Keep your flame burning bright, Vicki. You light the way for the rest of us.


  2. I still feel like a semi-truck ran over me, backed up and charged again. Around 4am I got a migraine–so I kept hidden under my blanket, cursed all my pain and napped the day away. Not real productive and because I didn’t exercise my new hip–it’s screaming at me with every step I take, the good news is my migraine is starting to go back to wherever they live…waiting to attack another day. A gal can’t win! I’m sitting up, had a slice of toast, checked my emails but the light from my laptop is killing my eyes. My plan is to take my night meds and try to sleep the night away. Sounds like you’re going to get hit hard with snow so stay indoors, stay warm, huddled in a blanket and sipping tea. xoxo


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