What is the Resurrection?

“You are trying to get out of pain and there are various invitations all round…At least 99% of them are hustles.” Leonard Cohen

The above quote was found on cohencentric.com, which is the best source of all things Cohen.

Vernon Howard said the same thing in many different ways and so do I. Until you see this, you are bound with the chains of desire for things to somehow not hurt “so much.” You will do anything to assuage the pain and nothing that will truly help it. How do I know this? Because, just because.

Because I buried a child and a spouse.
Because I try to bury myself to numb the pain.
Because it doesn’t work.

What works?

Knowing what doesn’t work.

What is the resurrection?

Knowing what doesn’t work.

Let’s call this conscious acceptance of what will always hurt, but you try and stay positive.

This doesn’t mean you lie about your pain. Just the opposite. I bring my pain to the page and watch the alchemy of acceptance arise around the words I type.

You are following me on this journey. I know you are.

Pain points to the resurrection, always, but only for the few. The many don’t want it. Let the dead bury the dead. Selah.

Vicki Woodyard

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