Merry Christmas….

Just a note to again thank those of you who donated to the site. It means a lot to this writer. Who knows, I may even take myself to lunch and sit there watching the world go by. I have learned to enjoy doing that this year.

Silence is a wonderful place, with its all-access pass to divinity, yet we live in this old world with its battle scars and dangers.

Tonight Rob and I visited our next-door neighbors and then enjoyed a buffet at a neighborhood restaurant. I was able to eat my fill of turkey and dressing. Then we drove through the neighborhood looking at lights. I much prefer the colored ones and they are few and far between.

I hope to get to know some of you a bit better as I continue to blog. Feel free to comment as often as you like; I enjoy hearing from you.

I fly by the seat of my pants and that way it all feels new every time I sit down to write. Vicki always has something to say and the best part is when she gets out of the way and the notes just happen.

I hope all of you know me well enough for me to say “I love you.”

Merry Christmas and all that jazz….I am gonna watch parts of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and fall asleep listening to Leonard Cohen. No Christmas carols can top him.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Merry Christmas, Vicki! I pray for you daily – and hope you’re feeling better every day. I’m headed to surgery on Wednesday for a total right hip replacement — seems I’ve inherited my mother’s degenerative disc and joint disease. I’ve survived 2 spinal fusions, 20 other major surgeries so I’m not necessarily nervous at this point….I have two days to work up the nerves to full tilt. Will donate now. I hope 2018 brings you joy, happiness, peace and love. You are loved by so many…..I’m just one of those that love you and the words you put out in the universe. God Bless you always, dear Vicki!!


    1. Just saw this comment! These are the words that come to me, Joyce. You are really going through the ringer. Make that
      “winger!” You are sprouting wings like crazy, my dear. You take every difficulty and turn it into an opportunity to grow. You are an example of perseverance. Much love always to you and yours.


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