An End-of Year Note

Bob was buried 13 years ago today. Much has changed in the past 13 years. I am ready to put the house on the market this spring, if things work out. I have tired of maintaining the house and large lot. I look forward to finding just the right place. Easy access to the kitchen from the garage, an open plan with lots of light, nice outdoor space but small. I also want to be around more people, as suburbia is quite isolated.

As far as my writing goes, things are changing there, too. My illness has stripped me of a lot and Facebook has stopped eating my energy in small but consistent bites. I link to my writing from Facebook and also to my videos, so anyone interested in what I do can still go from my FB page to the blog to find me.

I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend right after I left the hospital. I told her that every time I had been invited to speak, I had said NO. “Now I understand why,” I told her.

“I am not interested in approaching anything from the intellectual level and that is what teaching is about. What I do is intuitive and silent for the most part. Silence is pay dirt for me.”

She did say that I was hilarious and quite youthful, which pleased me. One cannot approach the magnitude of the mystery without breaking into both tears and laughter. True student and teacher are one and it is grace to recognize this.

I cannot picture myself being one of those people saying they had an experience of oneness and can now ‘splain it to others. I write about my life and that becomes a teaching for a few and they know who they are.

So I just renewed my domain name, which leads me to the next paragraph. I do this because it is my calling, but donations cover web hosting, domain name, costs of keeping my Mac going, etc.

I feel a workman (woman) is worthy of their hire and I deeply appreciate the donations I receive. I ask for them for one reason. Without asking, seldom is anything given!

I thank you for your support always. Writing is a solitary job and knowing a few of you love what I do warms my heart a great deal. I always appreciate your comments when a note strikes a chord with you.

I am humbly grateful for the contributions received.

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