The Healing Silence

I have been offline for a while in order to recuperate from a viral illness. As I move about the house silently, gathering energy, I appreciate the lack of being connected to the world on the internet. No one really grows from electronic stimuli. One is entertained but not necessarily fed the nutrients contained in silence.

Someone wrote me a very cogent letter about not casting one’s pearls before swine. That happens way too much. Real pearls are grown slowly and inwardly as the soul works with its irritations. The mind simply cannot contribute to this alchemical process.

I write these words for the few rather than the many. I write them for the One, actually.

I will write more as I am moved to do so. My body is getting stronger and my dreams are rich in symbolism. Last night I dreamt of taking too much clothing for a short trip. I woke up very early. I honored the dream, as my friend Tallulah says, by going through my closet and removing things I no longer enjoyed wearing.

This prolonged illness and recovery will be quite fruitful, as I explore ways of letting go of things no longer useful or pleasing to me.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Good for you, Vicki. You knew at the beginning of your illness that there would be a struggle with a valuable lesson within and now you are beginning to come out into the sweet silence. I love your dream and especially that you honored it. There is a shift of energy going on, I believe, for many of us and removing all unnecessary objects and distractions are essential to moving into a higher consciousness. I love you, dear Vicki, and am so glad you are beginning to feel better.


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