Fierce Grace

Kali has come to visit me for an extended period of time. Fierce grace, as Ram Dass calls it. My body too weak to leave the house. My mind too restless to accomplish anything. My emotions volatile and my energy very low.

Underneath the churning waves I sense the fierceness of this time in my life. Nothing unnecessary.

I will be posting less. For what it’s worth, my self-respect would be happy about that. It needs a deeper validation than how many people like what I write.

My work is not for sissies. It is always a deep intention to shock you a little. That is how I learned from Vernon Howard. “I will be showing you that no one loves you but God.” If I turn away from that truth too long, I am forced into the fire.

So I will see you down the road. “The lane of love is narrow,” goes the old Sufi saying. It sure is. It sure is.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Just read your interview with (a random, yet perfect and synchronous occurrence!) and wanted to let you know your words provided particular strength, wisdom and comfort to me on the path. Please know I am sending love and good energy your way, especially as you face these challenging physical difficulties.


    1. John LeKay is a wonderfully skilled interviewer. Just to be asked these questions triggered the outflow that is the interview. I am glad you resonated with it. Thank you.


  2. Reading Fierce Grace, I realize how your writing is very pared down these days, more than ever. I wonder for all of us, given our liberal use of verbage all of our lives, if one day it might all come down to simply, one sentence. 🙂 Vicki, my sympathies for this period of illness you are experiencing. Healing can be counted in that too, as it is a stage, if a good one, of the illness, the coming-out of it, and still requires deep rest and calm attention. Yet, you seem to still be in-sync with the seasons, as you slough off the end of the year in preparation for a new birthing. ♥


    1. I love what you wrote, Chandra. “Deep rest and calm attention.” When illness sets the mind atwitter with useless nervous energy, trying to fix things better left alone, as it were. I know you and I share a desire for simplicity. It can be a great healer.


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