The Rocks of Reality

To the Angels

Dear Angels,

Why on earth am I going through this deep purification?

Because you are toning down your life and allowing us to tune it up for you. This takes an extreme amount of suffering.

What do you want me to write now?

Tell us the story of your big “hit” by us.

I caught a virus that turned into the hospital and now I am home too weak to get anything done. All I can do is rest. My voice is affected. My hearing is affected. I am isolated and suffering.

The street is being dug up. My Mac is turning itself off repeatedly. It is Thanksgiving and there is nothing but emptiness around me. That sucks.

Angels: The vortex is carrying you down to the rocks. On the rocks you will find a place of refuge.

I don’t get it.

You don’t have to get it. You must endure it. You were warned in a dream about rocks and shown rock climbing would be your way out.

Your message to the world is one of utter rejection that will lead to inner redemption. It is a cold and lonely hallelujah. Spit out the words to one and all. Never hold back. Be yourself in all of its powerful weakness. Reject all those who would reject you. Your life is not fooling around with you. It is knocking you onto the rocks of reality. Some will hear this message you are bringing. Most will not. You are no icon of intellectuality. You are pure light funneled through a microscopic hole called ego.

Your illness is out of your hands. So is everything else.

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  1. I am now catching up on many days of posts. I’m sorry of the pain and loneliness you are experiencing. I subscribe to your posts so I look to my inbox to tell me of your temperature.


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