The Little Things

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

So this week has lasted at least 4 weeks, or so it seems. I am seeing deeply how inadequate human beings are in this messy game of life. No one has a handle on it. If they do, they will be selling it to you, which means there is some kind of product defect in it. Buyer beware.

Daylight Savings Time puts a kink in everyone’s digital day, doncha know? Too many “fall backs,” so little time. There is at least one digital doohickey I own that refuses to play the game.

Rob has been there for me this week big-time. He took me to a clinic when I told him I had to get some cough medicine that worked. I discovered that the laws are pretty much against the average citizen who actually needs that! The users have blocked sick people from access to any drug that would truly help a bronchial cough. I haven’t slept this week. My house has thrown up on itself in despair. I look around with jaded eye and wander around aimlessly.

Crumpled tissue, drug interaction pamphlets (like you would read the boiler plate), straws, half-drunk cans of cola, notes to myself, yada yada yada.

What was I saying? Oh, yes, Rob has taken my elbow and guided me to the doctor and yesterday to a clinic. He has turned in prescriptions, picked them up, brought in dinner and been a good sport about our trip being called off.

After a life of being a caregiver, it sure is wonderful to know that when I needed a soft place to fall, he would provide it. Having lost my voice, I have let phone messages go unanswered, realized I am always wanting to say something unnecessary and can just shut the heck up.

After turning in my cough medicine script, we went through the Burger King drive through, something neither of us have down in many years. It was sweet, remembering how Bob’s father loved himself a good Whopper. We sat at the kitchen table sharing an Oreo milkshake and fries. It is the little things, indeed, Robert Brault. I count my blessings. And the sprays left in my inhaler and think I may just get by on another week of little sleep.

I ain’t mentioning spirituality here, folks. If you have to mention it, maybe it is worthless. I opened a book I gave Rob for Christmas last year and found an amusing nugget. “God has left the receiver off the hook.” Evidently we got this thing called life, even though we think we don’t.

Vicki Woodyard

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