Safe Haven

Safe Haven

There is only one way to find safe haven for me. I sit and enter the peace above the opposites. It is always there. (Lo, I am with you always.)

Silence sits with me and the opposites fall away, for they are noisy and judgmental.

Seeing instead of being seen.

Listening instead of being heard.

Knowing instead of being known.

I am safe, silent and at peace.

As soon as I rise from my chair, the noise will begin its work of making me forget the silence. That is why I return to silence again and again during the day.

Laughter now is possible, but with no malice. Tears may fall but they do nothing but soften the earth of the heart.

Now and again, a force of nature hurls itself against the haven and I batten down the hatches, as they say. It is my right and privilege to do this, to enforce the peace.

I am one and I am alone always. So are you. He might as well have said, “This day you shall be with me in paradox.” That’s how love works in this messy place we ourselves have created. No matter how dark our past, the light is loving us beyond measure.

Vicki Woodyard

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