Out to Lunch

Vicki enjoys getting donations occasionally. She writes for free, however. She would write regardless. It is her calling. It came from the depths of her sorrow. Now she is getting freer all the time. Grace is often at her side as she writes. Perhaps it is always present.

Think of it this way. A knitter makes things for people and does not charge. But if someone gives her balls of yarn occasionally, she is filled with delight.

I am speaking of myself in the third person, as if I am watching her peck away at the keyboard, but in reality she does not exist. Then why does she fall into fear and anxiety so often? I don’t know; I just know that her flaws inform her words.

I write this because I received a donation from someone this morning. I may take Vicki to lunch. You see, not only does she enjoy writing, she also enjoys her time away from the task. The task is not the writing, but the details that go into it. You might look at it this way. Nothing is free in this world except life and death. In between, human beings remain quite human. Vicki is not exempt from this situation. She calls on God but sometimes He puts her on hold. Perhaps to develop patience. Or maybe He answers her before she asks. And then her cup runneth over.

To my gentle readers, some of you donate now and then and I accept this with gratitude. Just as some never have and never will and I accept this as well. But an occasional lunch is a pretty cool thing….

Vicki Woodyard

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