Where We Miss the Boat

Would you like to know where we all miss the boat? I know, I know. You will say you already know. And I would agree with you! Everyone already knows everything. It’s that simple and that complicated. Of course I am talking about becoming enlightened. You wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t had a whiff of the word. It is such an enticing group of letters—eleven in all.

God has it all sewn up in His Being. Do you really think He would let bits and pieces of Himself scatter to the four winds of your mind and leave you scrambling to put the pieces back together? That is what I did for the better part of my life. I was on a mission to discover truth. If I had all of the money and energy I spent on seeking enlightenment, I would be able to fund anything I desired.

Now I rest in the sure unknowing! In the blissful completion of a mission I could never fulfill using my mind.

Resting is rapturous, or so I have heard. It is a state of being rarely experienced by humanity. Humanity struggling for its piece of the pie and one loaded with ice cream at that. Humanity seeking approval from other bits and pieces of consciousness looking outside itself for itself. This is called looking in a mirror, I believe.

Smash the mirror of your mind. Drop down into your heart. There it is. There it is! It has never gone anywhere or done anything. It was in existence before you landed in a body/mind and will be there after you drop it.

In reality you are the boat, so how could you miss it? Destroy all the documents pointing elsewhere. Destroy all the evidence that condemns you for anything. Destroy every image of every teacher you ever had. They will understand.

Vicki Woodyard


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